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Religious Studies

Course Information

Title:Religious Studies

Type: A Level

Entry Requirements:Standard entry requirements. A GCSE in religious studies will give a useful background although it is not a compulsory requirement.

Course Length: 2 Years

Guide to A-Level RS


Philosophy, ethics and religion is an exciting new course that will allow you to study diverse philosophical and ethical viewpoints. It is a thought provoking and contemporary subject that will lead to inspiring discussions.

We will be covering variety of topics such as: free will, evil and suffering, virtue ethics, conscience, utilitarianism, gender and sexuality, identity, religion and science.

Key skills of analysis, critical thinking and evaluation are developed through the course which are highly sought after by higher educational establishments and international employers especially law, medicine, media, education and government to name a few.


You will be assessed by examination.

What Students Say:

"RS has helped me to understand today's world in much greater detail."

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