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Level 3 Criminology

Course Information

Title: Level 3 Diploma in Criminology (equivalent to one A Level)

Type: Vocational

Entry Requirements: Standard entry requirements.

Course Length: 2 Years


Criminology is the scientific study of crime and criminals. It is an exciting interdisciplinary subject that combines aspects of law, psychology, sociology and biology. This qualification looks at the types of crime that take place within our society. How do we decide which behaviour is criminal or not? How do we explain why some people commit crime and how can we use different theories of criminality to explain this behaviour?

What will I study

Throughout this course you will learn criminological theories to explain why people commit crime and understand how crime is investigated by agencies of the criminal justice system, such as police, forensic scientists, pathologists and the crown prosecution service. You will discover strategies such as forensic science (DNA), criminal profiling, surveillance and eyewitness testimony as a means of investigating crime, and you will learn about real life cases to facilitate your learning. Part of the course will require you to plan a campaign for change and understand how these campaigns can impact social policy and law-making. You will also understand how and why we use punishment within the criminal justice system in order to achieve social control and evaluate their effectiveness.

How will I be assessed?

The course is accredited by WJEC. It is a two-year course providing you with a Level 3 Diploma. The course incorporates 4 units and assessments are based on two controlled assessments and two external examinations.

Assessment Overview

Year 12
Unit 1: Changing awareness of crime - 8 hours controlled assessment.
Unit 2: Criminological theories - 90 minutes external examination.
50% of total mark

Year 13
Unit 3: Crime scene to courtroom - 8 hours controlled assessment.
Unit 4: Crime and punishment - 90 minutes external examination.
50% of total mark

Where can Criminology lead?

Criminology can open the door to an array of career paths that require understanding of the criminal justice sector. These may include careers in the police force or in police support roles, the field of forensic psychology, social and probation work or the prison services.

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